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… FUTURE PROOF® – The Employment Help Scheme – offering help and advice to those entering the workplace and to those seeking a NEW career opportunity.

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Services Available for you...

Help with CV Writing

Writing a winning CV that stands out is an art. Deciding what goes into a winning CV is a science. Learn the do's and the don'ts... Check out some example CV's and perhaps download a template....

Targeted Covering Letters

CVs provide an insight into your working history - if any. An accompanying Targeted Covering Letter tells them why YOU are the right person for the opportunity THEY are offering...

Interviews & Preparation

Preparing for the big day - whether face to face, on the phone or an online chat via Zoom or similar. It takes some thinking about - you don't get a second chance to make a first impression....


About Catholic people, news and other original material - in audio and video formats. Downloadable from Apple, Google and SoundCloud... The Catholic world is large, it has a fascinating history and people. Interviews with some famous Catholics provides insight into the 21st Century Church...


Mentoring can take several forms. Sometimes it is easy because we can put it on this website as a structured guide. Some of our friends are happy to visit school or colleges and talk to classes of people about to enter the workplace. But sometimes, only a one-to-one chat or a review of a CV will do. Find out more... 

Promotional Material

This is for our Mentoring colleagues who are kind enough to offer their time all at their own cost simply to help their fellow parishioners and young people. They may need audio-video material, hand outs, printed notes, or a PowerPoint, etc. This website seeks to help provide our Mentors with what they may need...

Mentoring younger people

There is a growing body of Catholic mums and dads who really want to help you by offering advice, information, insights  and even real hands-on help. They want you to get on. You are important..

Ideas That Provoke

Looking for your new or perhaps first work opportunity can be confusing and even daunting. There are choices to be made so it can be helpful to have someone who is both informed yet neutral who will listen to you, offer suggestions and advice and answer your questions.

Skills that deliver

Catholic husbands and wives from your local area who have been employers and senior employees, are fully experienced and sometimes professionally qualified, are prepared to share their skills and experience in supporting your effort and seek to make your job search a success.

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Mentoring the mature and the already experienced

There is a national body of Catholic husbands and wives  who really want to help you by offering advice, information, insights  and even real hands-on help. Any and every interaction between you and of them is 100% confidential. We know that for all of us the loss of a job can be particularly harmful to a person’s feeling of self worth. Even finding the confidence to begin the job search process really can be better with the support of friends. 

New ways

They say that all change is bad, even good change. Every year there seems to be new skills required in the workplace and even the way we apply for jobs changes. Expectations of employers are different too and yet somehow and despite these changes your experience remains valuable - if only you can get across what you offer... If only you can get the opportunity of an interview...

Relearn the process

As with everything, there is a path to learning the best way. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel if you will take the time to read about or listen to others' experience and take on board the processes required. Learn the best way to get your application considered and your message across. It isn't easy but it is better with friends helping you along the way and supporting your efforts.

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Great Idea Starts With A scribble

All it needs is for you to send an email, a message or a text if you need specific advice. Otherwise, you will have access here to a range of materials and people that may aid your job search and applications.

Why do we do this? Because there are lots of people like you and like us who have to either make their first entry into the workplace or at a later time in their lives need to make a change and find a new work opportunity. We want to help if we can.

CV Templates
people just like YOU!!!
Advice sheets and Info notes

We Build Breakthrough Products And Services

We are building and will continue to build helpful materials that may benefit the job seeker. But we are also building a range of materials that will benefit our hard working Mentors who may be visiting schools or parishes and will need productive and up to date materials to show and leave. We are creating a range of professional quality audio/video materials,  advice sheets and info-notes, handouts, MS PowerPoints and infographics to get us started. We are also going to soon provide some helpful stress relieving tips to get you ready for THAT interview or to help in dealing with the stress of looking for that new opportunity….

Teamwork Makes The 'Future Proof' Dream A Reality. Who's In Our Team?

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We will soon be publishing our Blog under the rather fetching title of ‘FUTURE PERFECT®’ – the newsletter of Actively Catholic® and Future Proof®. Stay informed of current Catholic matters – read or listen to our Blog … 


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